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Visual artist and storyteller Citlali Fabián joins the 2020 Visura Mentorship Program
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Dec 4, 2020
Visura is delighted to announce that Citlali Fabián has joined the Visura Mentorship Program.

Throughout the one-year program, Citlali will be mentored by Sarah Leen—editor, educator, curator, and founder of The Visual Thinking Collective for six months starting January 2021. The focus of the mentorship is to support the photographer in reaching their goals, to share ideas, assist in editing their work, give feedback and determine what are the next steps toward finding publishing platforms for their project.

The mentorship began in June of 2020, during which time Citlali has been meeting with Visura founder Adriana Teresa Letorney to receive guidance and support around the industry, and ways in which to continue evolving.
"I'm honored to be part of this collective effort. I am very excited to be mentored by two women leaders in the industry. Joining Visura has given me access to new opportunities and perspectives that encourage me to further my work and vision!"—Citlali Fabián

[Credit: Citlali Fabián]

About Sarah Leen

In 2019, Sarah Leen founded The Visual Thinking Collective as a community for independent photo editors, teachers and visual managers to serve photographers, media, art and academic institutions, NGOs, and corporate clients in telling their stories in unique, authentic and highly visual ways.

In 2014, Sarah became the first female Directory of Photography for National Geographic Magazine and Visual Media. She led a team of photo editors, photo researchers, freelance photographers, staff studio photographers, and a photo engineer. She assigned all photographers, departmental budgets, and led the visual content for both the National Geographic magazine and the Nat Geo Traveler magazine.

For nearly 20 years prior, she worked as a freelance photographer for National Geographic magazine until 2004, when she joined the staff as a Senior Photo Editor. Leen published 16 photo stories and produced five covers for the magazine. Sarah has also won numerous awards for both her photography and photo editing from the NPPA, the Pictures of the Year, and the World Press Photo Awards.

Leen teaches photography and photo editing at the Missouri Photo Workshops, the Maine Media Workshops, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, the Eddie Adams Workshop, and Syracuse University. Mentorships are available through application and portfolio review.

Leen has juried numerous contests including Pictures of the Year International, LensCulture, Critical Mass, Photo Lucida, the FotoEvidence Book Award, the Carmignac Photojournalism Award, the Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, the Getty Images Editorial Grants, the World Press Joop Swarts Masterclass and the Santa Fe Center Review.

She is an Affiliate of the International League of Conservation Photographers and is on the Advisory Council for the Eddie Adams Workshop. Leen has curated exhibitions at Photoville NYC, the Annenberg Space for Photography LA, LOOK3, and the National Geographic Museum.

About Citlali Fabián

Citlali Fabián is a Mexican visual artist and storyteller who uses photography to explore ways of addressing identity and its connections with territory, migration, and community bonds.

Her work has been shown in solo and collective exhibitions around the world and is part of Mexico’s National Institute of Fine Arts Toledo Collection, the Patricia Conde Collection, and the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University.

Fabián is a National Geographic Society explorer, with the project “I'm from Yalalag, a photo essay to explore the development of our Zapotec identity.”  She was also selected to participate in the 7th annual New York Portfolio Review, travel financed by the Prince Claus Fund.

A member of the Women Photograph and Natives Photograph collectives, Fabián was selected to participate in the seventh annual New York Portfolio Review. Her Mestiza series was selected as one of the New York Times Lens blog’s “13 Stories That Captured Photography in 2018.”


The Visura Mentorship Program is an educational opportunity for a Visura member to receive mentorship from Visura founders Adriana Teresa and or Graham Letorney and a key working professional leader in the industry, whose work is focused on an area of interest to the mentee. The goal of the program is to support the participant in furthering his, her, or them's career.  

This opportunity is open to one or more aspiring professional(s) working in journalism, photography, film, art, tech, entrepreneurialism, and/or any new media role.  In the past, this has been an invite-only opportunity. Visura will launch an open call for Visura members to apply to the Mentorship Program this fall. As of today, this has been an invite-only program while Visura Founder Adriana Teresa and Graham develop an effective solution that empowers its participants with a unique and valuable experience.

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